Registration for Rediscovering You is NOW OPEN!

Have the challenges of this past year left you feeling disconnected from yourself, others, and the world around you?

Have the challenges of this year left you feeling disconnected from yourself, others, and the world around you?

For decades, Onsite has helped tens of thousands of people feel more equipped to handle life's challenges through experiential workshops and therapeutic intensives. You can now experience the healing power of Onsite right in your living room through Rediscovering You, a six-week online course.


"I feel free to live my fullest potential."

I feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel free to live to my fullest potential.

"You deserve it!"

If you are on the fence, do it. Do it for you because you deserve it. 

"...well worth the experience"

The Onsite experience is extremely professional, well worth the experience, and a much needed addition to healing we can all benefit from.

We believe you have everything you need within yourself already to build the life you want to live; you just need to rediscover it.