A Practical Roadmap to Jump-Start Your Emotional Wellness


Daily Reflection

  • 30 simple and easy-to-digest topics
  • Each day introduces a new concept related to centeredness
  • Concepts curated to deepen  connection with yourself and others
  • 30 bonus screensavers to bring you back to your centeredness throughout the day

Daily Video

  • 30 short videos from Onsite's world-class therapists and guides
  • Proven therapeutic techniques that will help you recenter 
  • Clinical expertise, engaging storytelling, and practical application

Daily Practice

  • 30 practical exercises to move you from learning to application
  • Reflective practices that teach you how to begin to be the change you want to see in the world
  • Bonus journal template and course calendar to track your progress through the course

A Primer for Your Emotional Health

One of the principles that we teach at Onsite is that while we can't necessarily change the world, we can change how we see and operate in the world. We want to walk you into greater awareness and provide you opportunities for action.

This 30-Days digital offering is a simple resource to help you reconnect and develop the necessary attributes for you live each day a little more centered and grounded.

So often we look to external circumstances to define how we feel. When the world feels off-kilter, we feel off-kilter. But true centeredness is cultivated within. We invite you into 30 days of simple daily reflections and practices that will help you to cultivate the life you want to live and create the rhythms of resiliency we all need.


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